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Data Mining Concepts and Techniques | Edition: 3

Data Mining Concepts and Techniques | Edition: 3

Author: Jiawei Han, Micheline Kamber, Jian Pei
ISBN: 9780123814791
publisher: Elsevier Science
publisher Date: 07/06/2011
Price: 74.95
eBookPrice: 74.95
Schools: Temple University,George Mason University,Virginia Military Institute,Rutgers,The State University of New Jersey,The University of South Dakota,Florida A&M University,Texas A&M University,University of Michigan -Dearborn,Stony Brook University(SUNY),Penn State University,Emory University,Boston University,Drexel University,Lehigh University,University of North Carolina at Greensboro,New Mexico State University,Wright State University
Description: The increasing volume of data in modern business and science calls for more complex and sophisticated tools. Although advances in data mining technology have made extensive data collection much easier, it’s still always evolving and there is a constant need for new techniques and tools that can help us transform this data into useful information and knowledge.Since the previous edition’s publication, great advances have been made in the field of data mining. Not only does thisThird Editionof Data Mining: Concepts and Techniques continue the tradition of equipping you with an understanding and application of the theory and practice of discovering patterns hidden in large data sets, it also focuses on new, important topics in the field: data warehouses and data cube technology; mining stream; mining social networks; and mining spatial, multimedia and other complex data. Each chapter is a stand-alone guide to a critical topic, presenting proven algorithms and sound implementations ready to be used directly or with strategic modification against live data. This is the resource you need if you want to apply today’s most powerful data mining techniques.