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Sensation and Perception | Edition: 3

Sensation and Perception | Edition: 3

Author: Wolfe, Jeremy Wolfe, Keith Kluender
ISBN: 9780878935727
publisher: Sinauer Associates, Incorporated
publisher Date: 01/01/2012
Price: 138.6
eBookPrice: 96.65
Schools: Temple University,University of South Carolina,Rochester Institute of Technology,Wayne State University,Rutgers,The State University of New Jersey,University of Nevada - Las Vegas,Buffalo State College(SUNY),Indiana University -Purdue University Indianapolis,Unversity of Mississippi,University at Albany (SUNY),University of Chicago,Massachusetts Institute of Technology,University of New Hampshire,Penn State University,College of William and Mary,Emory University,Boston University,Columbia University,University of Rochester,University Of Pennsylvnaia,Vanderbilt University,Rice University,University of Colorado at Boulder,University of North Carolina at Charlotte,University of Central Arkansas,Wright State University
Description: Sensation & Perception, Fourth Edition introduces students to their own senses. Human sensory and perceptual experience is emphasized, and the neuroscientific underpinnings of that experience introduced. By integrating current findings as the basics are presented, the authors impart to students that these are active areas of research. The Fourth Edition features an emphasis on Sensation & Perception in Everyday Life; this new box feature discusses a perceptual impairment or real-world application related to the chapter topic. The text provides comprehensive treatment of higher perceptual/cognitive functions (e.g., attention, music, language) as well as expert coverage of sensory systems beyond vision and audition (including, notably, a full chapter on The Vestibular System and Our Sense of Equilibrium and separate chapters on Taste and Olfaction). New material ranges from the latest neuroscience to medical applications to philosophical considerations. The book strives for a conversational tone that unites the voices of several domain specialists into a unified story of the human senses.