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An An Introduction to Roman Religion

An An Introduction to Roman Religion

Author: John Scheid, Janet Lloyd (Translator)
ISBN: 9780253216601
publisher: Indiana University Press
publisher Date: 08/01/2003
Price: 31
eBookPrice: 0
Schools: Temple University,University of Maryland College Park,Unversity of Mississippi,University of Chicago,College of William and Mary,Emory University,University of Rochester,Southern Methodist University,University of Colorado at Boulder
Description: Written by one of the world’s leading scholars of the Roman world, An Introduction to Roman Religion offers students a complete portrait of religion in Rome during the late republic and early empire. It draws on the latest findings in archaeology and history to explain the meanings of rituals, rites, auspices, and oracles, to describe the uses of temples and sacred ground, and to evoke the daily patterns of religious life and observance within the city of Rome and its environs. The text is usefully organized around major themes, such as the origins of Roman religion, the importance of the religious calendar, the structure of religious space, the forms of religious services and rituals, and the gods, priests, and core theologies that shaped religious observance. In addition to its clear and accessible presentation, Roman Religion includes quotations from primary sources, a chronology of religious and historical events from 750 B.C. to A.D. 494, a full glossary, and an annotated guide to further reading. Indiana University Press