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Leisure Education I A Manual of Activities and Resource | Edition: 2

Leisure Education I A Manual of Activities and Resource | Edition: 2

Author: Norma J. Stumbo (Editor)
ISBN: 9781892132253
publisher: Venture Pub., Inc.
publisher Date: 05/01/2002
Price: 29.95
eBookPrice: 0
Schools: University of North Carolina at Wilmington
Description: Designed as a resource for practitioners and students, this newly revised manual contains more than one hundred activities and variations of diverse types—from individual to large group, just for fun to competition, passive to active—for use in therapeutic recreation settings. It supplies a wide variety of both new and proven activities to meet the needs of clients and programs, and encourages users to create their own activities. Leisure Education I: A Manual of Activities and Resources is a comprehensive guide to the design and implementation of leisure education programs. It provides background information on the widely used Leisure Education Content Model, activity analysis, and activity selection for intervention. The first three chapters represent these topics to help the reader understand the justification behind the provision of leisure education activities and programs. The mixers, leisure awareness, social skills, and leisure resource activities that follow have little meaning without the specialist knowing in which situations and for which clients each activity is best used. It is not difficult to select an activity and present it to a group; it is, however, difficult to select the right activity for the right group of clients to produce the right outcomes. This leisure education manual is provided to aid in that process.