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Religions of the World | Edition: 12

Religions of the World | Edition: 12

Author: Lewis M. Hopfe, Mark R. Woodward
ISBN: 9780205158607
publisher: Pearson
publisher Date: 11/07/2011
Price: 148.4
eBookPrice: 86
Schools: Temple University,Mississippi State University,Florida A&M University,Pace University-New York City,Florida International University -BBC,Indiana University -Purdue University Indianapolis,Unversity of Mississippi,Louislana State University,University of Delaware,University of Central Arkansas
Description: Prentice Hall's exclusive Companion Website™ that accompanies Religions of the World, 8th Edition, offers unique tools and support that make it easy for students and instructors to integrate this online study guide with the text. The site is a comprehensive resource that is organized according to the chapters within the text and features a variety of learning and teaching modules: For students: Study Guide Modules contain a variety of self-graded exercises and features designed to aid students with independent study. These modules include: chapter objectives that help students organize key concepts to be learned essay questions that help strengthen critical thinking skills quizzes with multiple-choice, true/false, and fill-in questions that supply instant scoring and feedback on student mastery of core material built-in e-mail routing option that gives students the ability to forward essay responses and graded quizzes to their instructors Reference Modules contain Web Destinations and Net Search options that provide the opportunity to expand the information presented in the text. Whether through a directory of websites relevant to the subject matter of a chapter or key-term searches that automatically insert terms from the chapter into major search engines, these reference features enable students to quickly reach related information on the Web. For instructors: The Faculty Module includes resources for teaching. This may include lecture hints, class activities, and graphics from the text, all coordinated by chapter. This moduleis accessed via a password provided by your local Prentice Hall representative. Syllabus Manager™ tool provide an easy-to-follow process for creating, posting, and revising a syllabus online that is accessible from any point within the companion website. This resource allows instructors and students to communicate both inside and outside of the classroom at the click of a button.