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A Short Introduction to the Hebrew Bible | Edition: 2

A Short Introduction to the Hebrew Bible | Edition: 2

Author: John J. Collins
ISBN: 9781451472943
publisher: Augsburg Fortress, Publishers
publisher Date: 07/01/2014
Price: 45
eBookPrice: 45
Schools: Temple University,Loyola University Maryland,Rutgers,The State University of New Jersey,Unversity of Mississippi,University of Chicago,Penn State University,Emory University,Lehigh University,Vanderbilt University
Description: Here the erudition of Collins' renowned Introduction to the Hebrew Bible is combined with even more student-friendly features, including charts, maps, photographs, chapter summaries, illuminating vignettes, and bibliographies for further reading. The second edition has been carefully revised to take the latest scholarly developments into account. A dedicated website includes test banks and classroom resources for the busy instructor.