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Civil Liability in Criminal Justice | Edition: 6

Civil Liability in Criminal Justice | Edition: 6

Author: Darrell L. Ross
ISBN: 9781455730131
publisher: Taylor & Francis
publisher Date: 10/16/2012
Price: 54.95
eBookPrice: 54.95
Schools: Unversity of Mississippi
Description: Understanding case law in high liability areas and performing the job within a legal framework place a criminal justice agency in the best position to defend against a lawsuit. This handbook addresses the problems confronting criminal justice practitioners and their agencies due to the ever-increasing number of civil liability lawsuits. It introduces the reader to civil liability generally and the federal law specifically, while indicating steps that can be taken to minimize the risk of litigation.Civil Liability in Criminal Justice is one of very few texts on the subject that combines applicable case law and related liability research, a valuable feature for current and future policy makers and managers. Ross also provides an overview of current case law in high liability areas, enhancing student knowledge and practitioner job performance.