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Sewall Wright and Evolutionary Biology | Edition: 2

Sewall Wright and Evolutionary Biology | Edition: 2

Author: William B. Provine
ISBN: 9780226684734
publisher: University of Chicago Press
publisher Date: 04/28/1989
Price: 43
eBookPrice: 0
Schools: University at Albany (SUNY)
Description: "Provine's thorough and thoroughly admirable examination of Wright's life and influence, which is accompanied by a very useful collection of Wright's papers on evolution, is the best we have for any recent figure in evolutionary biology."—Joe Felsenstein, Nature"In Sewall Wright and Evolutionary Biology . . . Provine has produced an intellectual biography which serves to chart in considerable detail both the life and work of one man and the history of evolutionary theory in the middle half of this century. Provine is admirably suited to his task. . . . The resulting book is clearly a labour of love which will be of great interest to those who have a mature interest in the history of evolutionary theory."-John Durant, ;ITimes Higher Education Supplement;X