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On Directing Interviews with Directors | Edition: 1

On Directing Interviews with Directors | Edition: 1

Author: Gabriella Giannachi (Editor), Peter Brook (Foreword by), Mary Luckhurst (Editor)
ISBN: 9780312224837
publisher: St. Martin's Press
publisher Date: 09/28/1999
Price: 19
eBookPrice: 8
Schools: University of North Carolina at Wilmington
Description: The profession of directing is barely a century old. On Directing considers the position of the director in theater and performance today. What is a director? How do they begin work on a play or performance? What methods are used in rehearsal? Is the director an enabler, a collaborator or dictator? As we enter the new millennium, is the very concept of directing under increasing threat from changes in thinking and practice? The full diversity of today's approaches to directing are explored through a series of interviews with leading contemporary practitioners. On Directing is a landmark book about the director's craft.