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Earth as an Evolving Planetary System | Edition: 2

Earth as an Evolving Planetary System | Edition: 2

Author: Kent C. Condie
ISBN: 9780123852274
publisher: Elsevier Science
publisher Date: 08/25/2011
Price: 79.95
eBookPrice: 75
Schools: University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire
Description: Earth as an Evolving Planetary System explores key topics and questions relating to the evolution of the Earth's crust and mantle over the last four billion years. This Second Edition features exciting new information on Earth and planetary evolution and examines how all subsystems in our planet—crust, mantle, core, atmosphere, oceans and life—have worked together and changed over time. Kent Condie synthesizes data from the fields of oceanography, geophysics, planetology, and geochemistry to address Earth’s evolution. This volume includes two new chapters on the Supercontinent Cycle and on Great Events in Earth history, as well as new and updated sections on Earth's thermal history, planetary volcanism, planetary crusts, the onset of plate tectonics, changing composition of the oceans and atmosphere, and paleoclimatic regimes. Also in this Second Edition: The lower mantle and the role of the post-perovskite transition The role of water in the mantle New tomographic data tracking plume tails into the deep mantle Euxinia in Proterozoic oceans The Hadean A crustal age gap at 2.4-2.2 Ga Continental growth