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First Session of Second Advisory Committee of IKCEST held in Deqing

The First Session of the Second Advisory Committee of the IKCEST took place in Deqing county, Huzhou, Zhejiang Province on October 25, 2018. The meeting was cochaired by Committee Cochairs Pan Yunhe, Member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, and Prof. Raj Reddy, Foreign Member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, and attended by CAE Members Wu Cheng and Li Guojie, Prof. Zhuang Yueting, Prof. He Liang and Mr. Liu Xiaoyun. Members of the Second Governing Board of the IKCEST, members of the IKCEST general platform and sub-platform teams and relevant personnel of the IKCEST Secretariat were in attendance.


The meeting heard the annual work reports of the IKCEST general platform and its four sub-plat- forms of Disaster Risk Reduction, Intelligent City,Silk Road Science and Technology, and Engineering Education and their online system demonstrations and had indepth discussions. The present members of the Advisory Committee gave a series of suggestions on the development of the IKCEST general platform, including making the platform more international, aggregating resources from wide sources, improving the quality of resources and updating them more frequently, clearly defining users'needs, increasing the platform's interactivity, focusing on content development, improving the platform's service capabilities, and further aligning with UNESCO's concerns. The meeting also discussed matters relating to the 2019 IKCEST International Symposium.


The meeting ended with a group phototaking session.